Welcome to the 2012 Parish Life Conference to be held in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island 2012.
Size: Did you know that PEI's entire Island population is smaller than some cities? Our population is approximately 142,000 people.  Technically our capital city of Charlottetown population of 44,000 doesn't qualify to be a city but our Province needed a capital!

Land: You will find white sand or red sand depending on where you go to the beach on the Island.  All our soil is red due to the high iron content. 

Golf on PEI


The PLC Conference in Mississauga was a success and we had many people asking about golf on PEI next year.  Here is a great website to check things out www.golfpei.ca There are plenty of golf courses to chose from.

Parish Life Conference, Charlottetown, PEI, Saints Peter and Paul, Orthodox Church